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Remote Podcast Recording: What You Need

Thankfully it’s a super simple set up, you just need a USB-connected microphone and online recording software. Remote podcasting recording has come a long way over the past few years, making it much easier to grab an interview with your dream guest.

1) Microphone

Grab yourself a good quality microphone. There are plenty of USB microphones on Amazon for around the $100 mark. Personally, I’m a big fan of AudioTechnica AT2020+ USB (I use it in the above video).

Let’s make it clear: don’t ever record with laptop speakers or bluetooth headphones. You’ll sound underwater, which no editing can fix.

As for your guests, if they don’t have a microphone to hand, then get them to use the trusty old wired headphones.

2) Remote Podcast Recording Software

I recommend either Squadcast or Zencastr. They’re both super user-friendly, and record individual tracks for guests and hosts – which makes things easier at the editing stage.

Squadcast currently provides video, which is a big bonus for the option to record in video and see each other’s faces as you converse. Subscription starts from $9 month, and you get automatic backups, cloud storage and more. More info here.

Meanwhile Zencastr provides a free option and a paid plan at $20 month, but provides no video – this feature should become available at some point in the future. It basically does the same as Squadcast just without the video.

With either software, your guest just needs to click on the recording link you provide, you hit record... and let the interview roll.

What about Zoom or Skype?

From a sound quality perspective, they will make you sound very fuzzy. They’re designed for conference calls, so the audio is compressed to help make sure business calls don’t buffer or break up.

Treat that software more as a back-up if you’re having difficulties with Squadcast or Zencastr.

Just be sure you record in a place with good internet connection.

That’s it. Technology has really come up to speed with podcast remote recording – cutting out a lot of technical problems for you. It’s a super simple process if you 1) have a decent microphone, 2) use good recording software like Squadcast or Zencastr, 3) have good internet connection. Enjoy!

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